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Resources to prepare Trinity exam, stages 3, 4 and 5.

Elementary steps- guide for the teacher (Trinity Website)
Worked example and tips (Trinity Website)

Mock exam grade 3
Mock exam grade 5
Trinity oficial Website

Grade 3
Worksheets, information and video.

Grade 5
Activities in order to fill the topic form.
1. Brainstorming
2. Grade 5 topic form
3. Lesson 2 questions
4. Question cards
5. Example topic
6.Practising for the topic

Activities to practise for the conversation part.
Trinity Daily Questions 

Practising the grammar.
Worksheet 1: will for predictions
Worksheet 2: will for predictions
Worksheet 3: will for predictions
Worksheet 4: likes and dislikes
Worksheet 5: present perfect
Worksheet 6: present perfect
Worksheet 7: giving reasons (because)
Worksheet 8: how long
Worksheet 9: how long
Worksheet 10: how many/much

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